As a business owner or C-suite executive, do you ever find yourself wondering how others find the time to think strategically because you don’t have a minute to get out from behind the work right in front of you? You are not alone. I work with many people who can’t figure out how to manage anything more than the fire du jour. Often, this happens because you’ve forgotten to promote yourself into leadership and the role you now hold.  

I have a client who spends so much time each day on email that she can’t find time to do anything else. When we dug into it, I found out she reads every email that leaves her company. Read that again. She is copied on every single email that goes out of her company, and she reads them all! Wait, what? There is so much there to unpack, but let’s focus on the surface here. How is it possible that the business owner of a 7-figure business is still reading every email that goes out of her company? Because she forgot to promote herself. 

2 Reasons Why Executives Get Stuck in Day-to-Day Activities 


  1. Early on in our careers, we learn how to DO. We do things. We create spreadsheets. We write reports. We do research. We build PowerPoint presentations. We do the work to hand to other people to analyze.  
  2. By the time we start getting promoted, we have learned that this is part of who we are. We like doing the spreadsheet; it makes us feel good, and we feel accomplished. But the thing is – just because you’re good at it doesn’t mean you should be doing it now. As you progress up the corporate ladder, you should be doing less doing and more analyzing. By middle management, you should be able to draw conclusions from the work and make decisions on how to move forward based on this data. By the time you’re ready for leadership, you BETTER know how to do the work your team is doing, but there is not a chance you should be DOING that work. If you are, who is making the strategic decisions based on that work?  

As a C-suite executive or business owner, you’re being paid way too much (or not enough depending on the way you look at it) to still be doing the things others can do.  Most of all, you’re doing a disservice to your business by still being a doer. 

The pushback I often get is this: I don’t have anyone else who can do it. Let’s be clear, the unspoken part of this sentence is: “as good as me.” And to that, I say then you have a leadership issue. Your job as the business owner or C-suite executive is no longer to do the work; your job is to create an environment where OTHERS can do the work. Missing this means you’ve missed a fundamental piece of your promotion – and is usually the underlying reason you’re still stuck in the weeds. 

Promote Yourself Out of the Daily Grind of Running Your Business 


Meanwhile, as a business owner, who thinks about getting promoted? We ostensibly start our companies to do what we want to do, right? We start as practitioners. We start wearing every hat there is to wear. As the business grows, we forget that we must grow with it.  

When you hire an administrative assistant, you have promoted yourself out of that role. When you hire another practitioner to expand the breadth of your services, you have promoted yourself to supervisor. When you have a team under you, you have promoted yourself to leader. But if you keep doing what others can be doing, you have forgotten to step into that new role. 

Are You Ready to Get Out of the Day-to-Day? 


The key to getting out of the daytoday is letting those around you do the jobs they were hired to do and promoting yourself into the role you’ve earned. That role is ‘leader.’ As a leader, you need to trust that others can do what you’ve hired them to so, create an environment where they can be successful, then step into your new role with confidence. You are no longer the DOER. You are the LEADER. 

5 Actionable Steps to Break Free from the Day-to-Day Minutiae of Your Business  


  1. Make a list of all the things you do, highlighting the things ONLY YOU can do. 
  2. Learn how to delegate things on that list that others can do. Entrusting tasks to capable team members frees up your time to focus on strategic priorities, and has the added benefit of engaging your team more fully. 
  3. Prioritize tasks not based on the biggest fire or what’s fastest to complete, prioritize based on their impact on business goals. Relegate less critical activities to later. 
  4. Automate repetitive tasks to minimize manual intervention and maximize productivity. This starts with getting the ideas out of your head and down on paper so others can replicate your processes. 
  5. Don’t let up. Continually review your workload and processes to identify opportunities to optimize and refine your approach to managing day-to-day responsibilities. 

When you stop doing what others can do and promote yourself to the role you’re currently in, you can get yourself out of the day-to-day clear your path and change the world.  

Do you need help with stepping out of the day-to-day in your business? Schedule an introductory call and discover how we can help you step into your role and lead more effectively.  We specialize in working with C-suite executives and business owners who are known for taking risks but are currently stuck in the day-to-day minutiae. We elevate their focus and clear the path so they can change the world. Let us help you get out of the day-to-day.