Team Management

Full-Team Executive Coaching

We make teams more productive

What would be possible if your team performed like a well-oiled machine?
You believe in your team. They help make you who you are today. And yet some days, you wish you could make them act just slightly differently, or work together just a little bit better. If only you had someone to help them be the leaders you know they’re capable of.

Team coaching creates the space for honest, open communications about what’s working and what isn’t working. It involves pulling your team together, assessing the current state and then addressing issues with tact and support.

+ better communications + greater buy-in and increased productivity

Team / RallyBright

We create resilient teams

Extend is pleased to be a corporate partner of RallyBright. We use RallyBright within organizations that want to create resilient teams. Extend is pleased to be a corporate partner of RallyBright. We use RallyBright within organizations that want to create resilient teams. RallyBright is a suite of tools that dramatically changes the way teams work together. It helps managers become better leaders by measuring, diagnosing and improving their team’s performance and dynamics. It does this by uncovering the hidden factors that drive success and focusing leaders on the actions and behaviors that will propel their own success, and ultimately that of the organization as a whole. RallyBright’s assessments and tools empower leaders to lead with more awareness, understand their individual team’s needs, identify the highest-impact areas to target for improvement and measure the success of growth initiatives.

+ Increased team productivity+ better morale + increased retention 


We help you learn more about yourself

Assessments offer a non-biased, measured way of learning more about oneself and others. DISC and Motivators, offered by Extend increase self-awareness, provide tools to be successful in difficult situations and increase communication skills. When used in organizations, they offer an easy way to identify behaviors without focusing on an individual. When taken as a team, they open up communication between and among team members.

DISC is a behavior profiling too that focuses on individual patterns of external, observable behaviors. It measures the energy an individual puts into dominating problems, influencing people, steadying the environment and complying to rules. It is the most commonly used assessment in the market today and can easily be used in both a group and an individual setting. Utilizing DISC has proven to help increase individual commitment and group cooperation; help resolve existing conflict and prevent future conflict; and build a common language across the organization.

Extend is a certified DISC and Motivators consultant. We often use these assessments in our long-term coaching engagements. When used as part of the off-site, we recommend supporting it with 1 to 2 individual coaching sessions for each person taking the assessment/s to allow time to embrace the data.


+ increased self awareness + interpersonal skills + collaboration


Offsite Leadership Retreats

We help your team reconnect and realign

Off-site strategy sessions offer teams the opportunity to step away from the day to day operations to focus on the overall growth of the business. After working with leadership to fully understand the strategic focus of your organization, Extend will co-create an agenda that will build engagement and drive participation during the session. Then, to ensure what is discussed during the meeting is brought back into operations, Extend will design an engagement strategy to bring that energy and passion back into day-to-day operations. (length of retreat TBD by needs)


+ greater commitment + increased focus + renewed strategic focus

I wish I had hired Extend as a coach when I first started. Who knows where my practice would be now.

—Founding Partner