Why Coaching?

How can you know what you don’t know?

Executive coaching provides strong leaders, business owners and partners a safe place to get an unbiased perspective on difficult decisions, gain meaningful insights into their most important relationships, understand what drives them individually and ultimately make smarter decisions regarding their business.

At some point in our careers, being good at what you did to get you there doesn’t matter anymore. The further you get up the ladder, the more your work is about people and relationships and the less it is about your technical abilities. The problem is – we don’t often focus on us, on our leadership abilities or understanding how we get along with others. Extend Coaches have all been in the corporate arena and all understand the challenges of balancing your team’s needs against the company’s needs, the internal battle of being able to do the work being asked of you vs. delegating the work so you can be more strategic, and the difficulty of looking in the mirror to see what you could be doing differently. We get it. We’ve been there.

Extend Coaching & Consulting works with:


Organizations who want to develop their internal executive teams


Individual leaders who are looking to expand their potential


Business owners who want to know they’re making the right decisions for their future


Partners who want to develop their relationships with each other

Our philosophy

All of our coaches are certified coaches. As such, we believe that everyone we work with is creative, resourceful and whole – meaning the people we coach are smart and capable, and often times, they already know the answer to the question. And sometimes, there is a technical knowledge gap, meaning you may not actually know the answer. In this case, we bring our expertise as CEO’s, Executives and Leaders to the coaching session. This combined approach allows you to thrive, with the best possible outcomes for you and your organization.

Coaching is for you if you are:
  • Already successful and good at what you do
  • Looking to expand upon your expertise
  • Interested in learning more about yourself
  • Interested in expanding your own impact
  • Willing to look at yourself in the mirror
  • Looking to grow professionally and personally
  • Willing to be honest with yourself and your coach
Coaching is for your organization if:
  • You have high-performing team members you want to invest in
  • You understand that coaching the right leaders within the organization can have an exponential impact on the entire organization 
  • You are looking for clear succession planning 
  • You believe in those working for you and want to see them grow
  • You understand that the best investment is the one that goes to your people
  • You want your team to get along
  • Your executive team cares more about their operational team than they do about the overall team
  • You want to increase communications between team members
  • You and your partner don’t see eye to eye
  • You struggle with the classic founder/ implementor conundrum
  • You want your business to be more successful than it’s proven to be so far, for no fault of the amount of work you’ve put into it or how much you care

Becca brings peace where there is chaos.