More than a business coach.

Individual Coaching

We create great leaders

Obviously, the leader you have in mind as you’re reading this is good at his or her job, otherwise they wouldn’t be where they are today. This is true for most, if not all, of the executives and CEOs we coach. Our executives and CEOs come to us to understand what they can be doing better, how they can affect more change and how they can expand their potential.

Individual coaching is a confidential partnership-based relationship between coach and client, based in a thought-provoking process that inspires the client to maximize personal and professional potential. Extend offers a safe, confidential environment for executives to embrace who they are in a way that will empower them to thrive.

All of our coaches have experience in leadership roles and are certified by a governing coaching body. We bring this experience into each coaching session to create measurable outcomes.

+ more confidence + greater self-awareness + stronger leadership

Full-Team Executive Coaching

We make teams more productive

What would be possible if your team performed like a well-oiled machine?
You believe in your team. They help make you who you are today. And yet some days, you wish you could make them act just slightly differently, or work together just a little bit better. If only you had someone to help them be the leaders you know they’re capable of.

Team coaching creates the space for honest, open communications about what’s working and what isn’t working. It involves pulling your team together, assessing the current state and then addressing issues with tact and support. The outcomes are better relationships, more accountability and most importantly, greater output from the team.

+ better communications + greater buy-in + increased productivity

Partner Coaching

We get you (back) on the same page

You and your business partner joined together because you knew you could achieve great things. But recently, you don’t see eye to eye and the business is struggling because of it. Partner coaching creates the space for you and your partner to unearth the underlying issues creating the disconnect. Extend’s partner coaching model includes both individual and combined coaching sessions to allow you to truly integrate what you are learning.

+ greater understanding + increased communications + recharged partnership


We drive your business forward

Masterminds offer a combination of group coaching, business programming, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. By harnessing the power of up to 10 smart, non-competing leaders / business owners, everyone in the group gains valuable insights and your business grows. We offer a completely confidential, inclusive environment for you to have an honest conversation about what you need to grow your business. Being a part of the group is a commitment to both your company and yourself.

+ increased confidence + greater focus on your future + more balance


Association-based Masterminds

Increased Membership = Increased Impact

As an association, it is important to offer value to your members. Providing a business-focused mastermind to your member companies does just that. Extend offers a proven model and the coaches to support the mastermind and passive income to you! You provide a marketing vehicle.

+ stickiness with your members + passive income to enhance future programming + greater impact

Becca challenged me to move from my comfort level and helped energize my career.

—Health Insurance CQO