A Few of Our Happy Clients

Finding Her Way

“I was a strong, career-driven Millennial who was part owner of a start-up company, but underneath I  knew something was not quite right. Through coaching, I came to realize how much I craved structure  and stability in my life, and how much I missed my family. I also realized how much I had been holding  on to “the image” of being part of a start-up and how much I feared letting others down. After working  with Extend, I found the courage to leave the start-up and move back to my home town. I cannot  explain to you how different I am than I was two years ago. I’m still a strong, career-driven Millennial,  now with stability, a steady job and my family by my side. I thank Extend every day.”

—High-performing Millennial Leader

Partners Realigned

“As partners, we had lost our way and we were both wondering how the company could go on with both  of us. We were often angry and frustrated. Through coaching, we figured out how to leave the past  behind us and communicate with each other in a new way. Since then, we have not only recharged the  partnership, we have made a corporate decision to grow the company exponentially over the next 10  years — and we are using Extend to help get us there.”

—Partners, Co-Owners of $15M business

Getting through Covid

“We had owned our business for 2 years when Covid hit. As a fledgling organization, we struggled with  what Covid meant for the future of our busines. Through our Strategic Planning with Extend, we were  able to identify the immediate needs to get through Covid and create a path for strategic growth that  allows us to live within our values. We just won a major job that will catapult us to the next level, thanks to Extend and focusing on our values.”

—Co-Owner of start-up firm

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“I have worked my way through the organization from the entry level to the CEO. I did that through hard  work, being known for getting things done and understanding the business. Stepping into this new role  created new challenges for me. I needed to stop doing the things that had gotten me here and begin to create the environment for everyone else to do those things, but that was hard to do. I actually liked  getting things done! Through coaching I have realized that keeping a $100,000 issue from happening is  more important than solving a $100 issue in a fire drill. I now save the day before the day needs to be saved.”

—CEO of $22M company

Creating Trust in our Team

Before Team Coaching I would tell you that our team was strong. I didn’t realize how strong we could  actually be. Because we are mainly a remote workforce we need to be over the top in terms of trust,  understanding, and communications. Working with Extend, we were given tools to address  disagreements so all members could feel fully heard, we could see new options, and make decisions  faster. Extend’s ability to help us see how our conversations were limiting our interactions with each  other and our staff had tremendous impact on us as individuals and on the company as a whole.

—VP, $40M company