Unknowingly Unhappy for Years; not Anymore

I was surprised when I got the invitation to one of Extend’s retreats. After all, doesn’t everybody just bitch about work? But then, I realized that Becca was hearing so much more than just the words I was saying, and I knew this retreat was important. It wasn’t just the time, it was my time. And I was right.  

Becca is a gifted coach. She listens without judgment, asks questions that will keep you thinking and motivated, and called me out in ways that made me feel seen, heard and motivated me to move forward.   

At the retreat, we worked with Becca as a group and individually to really reflect on our professional and personal lives in a holistic way. We acknowledged that our personal backgrounds very much inform our professional lives and drew strength from that to build a plan – a real plan, with actionable items, for moving forward. And I found myself among the most amazing group of women. We are gently holding each other accountable to this day. I can’t recommend Becca or the It’s Time retreat more highly.