Attn: Over-Achieving Women, Unlock Your Purpose! 

Discover Your True North:   

Design a Plan for YOU! 

A message from Becca

Dear Fellow Over-Achiever, 

Based on 1) my years of being an over-achiever, 2) being surrounded by over-achievers in my career, and 3) coaching MANY over-achievers, I know this to be true: 

Most over-achieving women (mistakenly) think …

  • We aren’t successful unless we’re doing everything at 100% 
  • Asking for help shows weakness 
  • If we just try harder, “it” will become true

Meanwhile, many have never stopped to figure out exactly what “IT” is! Why is it that we don’t create strategic plans for ourselves? 

What if you could: Let go of external expectations long enough to identify what YOU want, then create a strategic plan to get there! 

What if you could: Become a better mom/ partner/ daughter/ leader /person just by honoring yourself with a few days away! 

Creating this retreat for women like you has been the most rewarding part of my coaching career. This is the space where I can dedicate all of my energy to YOU — hear you, see you and feel you (figuratively!) at a deeper level than at any other point in our relationship. When you’re disengaged from the day-to-day, you allow your brain to let go and see things in yourself you’ve put to the side for years. 

Please join us! You will NOT be disappointed. 

In your corner, 


    Uncover The Secrets of Having Time & Energy to Pursue Your Passions Without Guilt   

    You feel guilty about taking time for yourself because… 

    • Your inner voice is telling you that ‘you have a good life” and you shouldn’t be selfish  
    • Your boundaries are, shall we say, focused on others over yourself 
    • You’re spread too thin, feel like you’re doing nothing well, and you can’t possibly take time for yourself 
    • You’re tired, but you don’t have the time or energy to figure out what you really want and/or how to change things 

    Good news! There’s a Solution! 

    Tap into the joint power of strong women and meaningful coaching. 

    Join us at the “Shaping Tomorrow: A Women’s Retreat for Strategic Future Planning “ 

    Finding Her Way

    I came to realize how much I craved structure and stability in my life, and how much I missed my family. I also realized how much I had been holding on to “the image” of being part of a start-up and how much I feared letting others down.

    —High-performing Millennial Leader

    This retreat is for you if:  

    • You’ve done everything you’re “supposed” to do, and still wonder if you’re on the right track
    • You know you have more to give
    • You know you want something different, but aren’t sure what it is
    • You want to be intentional about your future
    • You are ready to invest in yourself in a way you maybe never have before

    Transform Your Life at the ‘Shaping Tomorrow Women’s Retreat’ for Strategic Future Planning! 

    When it comes to retreating… size matters! 

    Space is limited to just 7 awesome women!

    To make sure you’ll get the most out of the experience, we’re hand-selecting women to attend this highly transformational event. Schedule time to talk to Becca directly ASAP so you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

    AM I A FIT?


    Date: September 27 – 29, 2023
    Where: Bluemont Manor, VA

    Join us at this exquisite Virginia property, nestled in a picturesque setting that beckons you to unwind and escape the demands of daily life. Embrace the freedom to truly focus on yourself, as you immerse yourself into the peaceful ambiance of this inviting location. Discover a spacious haven where our group will gather for engaging discussions, diving deep into meaningful conversations. You’ll have the dedicated time to find your own personal space, allowing you to concentrate on individual reflections without distractions. Reconnect with nature and venture outdoors or do yoga on the patio during our scheduled free time… it’s up to you. Whether we gather around a crackling firepit, take leisurely walks, or simply find solace in the serenity of the property, this retreat offers the perfect opportunity to clear your mind so you can fully engage in the experience. Conveniently located less than 2 hours away from BWI, Dulles or Reagan Airports, we invite you to join us and create lasting memories at the Shaping Tomorrow all-inclusive Women’s Retreat. From the time you arrive, we will provide everything you need for a transformational experience!

    Invest in YOU 

    Limited to just 7 awesome women, this retreat is a highly personalized and intimate experience that will transform you into a better leader, a better friend, a better woman, and a better person.



    This 2-day retreat makes it simple to create a plan to live your ideal life. Stop spinning plates hoping none of them fall or break. Discover how you can live your ideal life – guilt-free and embrace the happiness you deserve.


    $2,997 Per Person 

    Sign up today and receive a $300 Early Bird Discount Use Code EBD300 at checkout.
    Valid through July 15, 2023
    ** Retreat investment does not include transportation to/from Bluemont, VA

    Unknowingly Unhappy for Years; not Anymore

    We acknowledged that our personal backgrounds very much inform our professional lives and drew strength from that to build a plan – a real plan, with actionable items, for moving forward. And I found myself among the most amazing group of women. We are gently holding each other accountable to this day.

    Public Sector Leader

    Take Control of Your Future

    Finally answer the question of what would bring you true happiness.

    Learn how to stop saying “YES” without feeling guilty about saying “NO.”


    Reclaim your energy and time to follow your passions.


    Say goodbye to your lack of work-life balance.

    Tap into the Power of Strategic Planning


    Design the future you want. 


    Define the specific steps you will take to move forward. 


    Feel confident in your decisions, even if (and especially if!) it means taking a risk. 


    Lean into the powerful women in your group to keep you on track.

    Achieve Balance and Fulfillment


    Find a new tribe of women just like you.


    Stop feeling like you’re stuck or something is missing.


    Uncover your hidden dreams and create a clear path to bring them to life.


    Design a future you didn’t know was possible. 

    Powerful CEO Learning Boundaries and Finding Balance

    It was time for me to figure out what was going to change because I couldn’t continue to live the way I was living…I unearthed new insights into myself, like what drives me and what scares me. More than that, I came up with a plan to modify my future to allow me to say no, and to continue to show up powerfully.  


    Who is Becca Pearce and Why Should I Listen to Her?

    Becca Pearce works only with high-performing women who’ve proven themselves in their own right. She helps women excel by helping them see things they haven’t been unable to see before — through honest, direct and compassionate coaching.  

     As a former CEO and healthcare executive, she understands the pressure of often being the only woman in the room, the emotions that are and aren’t allowed in the office, and the value of having an unbiased thought partner at your side.  As a self-proclaimed over-achiever, she understands the challenges over-achieving women face and the pitfalls that come with being successful. 

    In 2015, her life took a drastic turn when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After surviving and recovering from surgery, she jumped off the proverbial train that was still moving at 60 mph to found Extend Coaching & Consulting – so she could help other women realize that they, too, could find their passion and live the life they want.  

    At times, Becca is gentle and focused on the emotion surrounding the situation. At other times, she is business-like and focused on your bottom line. She is ALWAYS in your corner, fighting for your potential, and holding your hand through the journey. If you want someone who will see all of you and help you find the person you want to be, you want to work with Becca.  


    Stepping into this new role created new challenges for me. I needed to stop doing the things that had gotten me here and begin to create the environment for everyone else to do those things, but that was hard to do.

    —CEO of $22M company

    Why should you invest in this retreat?  

    Because what you’ve been trying so far has gotten you to where you are today. It’s time to try something different!

    STOP doing what we over-achievers have mastered:

    Working harder –Working harder translates to longer hours, means something’s giving in our personal lives. Meanwhile, studies have shown that working more than 50 hours a week becomes counterproductive.  

    Saying “yes” to every opportunity – We think that if we say yes to sit on the next board or your boss’s next ask for help, it will help our career. And it might! But at the risk of being spread too thin and feeling overwhelmed. 

    Giving up your own time to meet the needs of others – Eliminating the gym or the book club may solve the immediate need, but it’s these small things that keep us going, and allow us to rejuvenate — and removing them can have drastic impacts in the long run. 

    START investing in yourself by attending this retreat. You’re ready!

    Still have questions?   

    Check out our FAQs or schedule a call to get your questions answered.

    Move from influential to inspirational!

    • Boost your confidence
    • Unlock your true purpose and passions  
    • Unleash your true leadership voice
    • Find the emotional courage to make scary changes 
    • Define your boundaries (and stick to them!)
    • Find joy every day
    • Create a plan to make it all a reality
    • … and So Much More!

    Here’s what’s included  

    • Introductory 30-min call with Becca to connect
    • Group call with Becca and the other attendees prior to the retreat 
    • Prework to prepare for your success at the retreat 
    • 2-Nights Luxury single occupancy accommodations 
    • Delicious cuisine and snacks throughout the experience 
    • 6 Interactive Group Coaching sessions  
    • 1 on 1 coaching time as needed during the retreat
    • Space to get away and focus on your own

    Imagine what your life could look like in just 6 weeks (about 1 and a half months)! With the incredible resources of our retreat, you’ll have the time and energy to pursue your passions and achieve your goals. So don’t wait – register now and get on the path to success! 

    I look forward to seeing you in Bluemont,


    Please don’tmiss out on this incredible opportunity. You owe it to yourself to get away to this lovely Virginia property to quiet your mind and discover what you really want! If you keep putting it off, you’ll miss the chance to feel happy, fulfilled, and gain clarity on what would bring you joy. Register now and guarantee your satisfaction – buy Shaping Tomorrow: A Women’s Retreat for Strategic Future Planning.  


    With my long-standing job coming to an end, I felt stuck and uncertain about my next steps. Little did I know that this retreat would bring about a remarkable breakthrough…Stepping away from the daily grind and immersing myself in a serene setting allowed me to be fully present and focus solely on my journey.  

    —Accountant & Entrepreneur