I was meeting the other day with a woman who helps individuals increase their executive presence online. We were talking about how we have similar clients, and I made an off-hand comment about how women are harder to close than men. She said, “You know what, when I pitch to men, they often don’t even ask the price. They just move forward knowing this is what they want to do. But women ask the price, say they need to think about it, and rarely move forward.”  

I had to ask myself, “Why is this?” 

So, I did some quick research. An AI search of “why women don’t invest in themselves” came back with the following as the top 5 reasons: 

1. Limited financial literacy – understanding how much they can spend on themselves 

2. Lack of confidence – underestimating their skills and abilities making them wonder if they’re “good enough” to join the group 

3. Gender Bias and Stereotypes –  

  • feeling societal pressure to put others’ needs before their own – otherwise defined as: self-help is selfish 
  • thinking that asking for growth opportunities as a woman makes you look weaker 

4. Time Constraints – feeling like they can’t take time away from the day to day to focus on their growth 

5. Lack of Representation – having to ask for this in an environment where there are no others like you doing it. 

I get some of those feelings. In fact, the other day, I spent $650 on groceries for my family and my parents (including a needed Sam’s Club Trip). I barely blinked an eye. But put a $650 conference in front of me and I’m wondering if I can make that big of an expenditure.  And I’m pretty sure I’ve never been to a conference or retreat where I wondered if I was good enough to be there. So… I get it.

At Extend, we work with women who feel stuck and dissatisfied with where they are in life, and for whom one small (in the grand scheme of things) investment could make a life-changing difference. Rarely do I have someone say unequivocally, “I’m worth it.” There are always reservations. 

So I’d like to address those reservations defined above in some clear Becca language:  

1. You can spend the money.  

2. Every single woman is also thinking they don’t belong there either! You DO belong there. 

3. Self-care is not selfish.  

4. If you think your household or business can’t run without you for a few days, you have a delegation issue. 

5. Asking to continue to grow professionally is not something to be ashamed of.  

Investing in your personal and professional growth makes you a better mother/ daughter/ partner/ employee/ leader. Find the place for you and invest in yourself. You will not be sorry.  

Extend has a bi-yearly retreat for women who know they have more to offer and are ready to find the emotional courage to make the change they’ve always wanted. Find out more information about our upcoming events here If you’re ready to invest in yourself, reach out and let’s find time to talk: Schedule an introductory call