The first thing you should know about me is that “change is in my DNA.”

My first memories of significant change and upheaval occurred when I came to the United States as a Vietnamese-Korean refugee. Coming to America as a refugee has taught me that change and adversity will happen; how we respond to change and adversity allows us to overcome obstacles to chart our path forward.

As a modern breed of change consultant and coach — I leverage practical, real-world expertise in organizational strategy & effectiveness, enterprise change initiatives, executive and team coaching, digital transformation and technology, with an advanced degree in applied human behavior/psychology. I bring all of my real-world experience and an advanced degree to bear for my clients’ benefit. As a result, I am a welcomed partner with clients across a wide range of industries from commercial, technology, military, governmental, not-for-profit, academia, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services.  

My consultation and coaching process involves:

  • Assisting clients in acknowledging and leveraging their strengths.
  • Engaging their teams and staff.
  • Defining a compelling vision of change.
  • Identifying desired outcomes.
  • Removing barriers to execution.
  • Measuring performance targets.
  • Fine-tuning organizational culture goals.
  • Refining the strategic plan to address the changing market and business environments continually.

My work with clients helps them develop a strategy and execute a roadmap to implement successful long-term approaches to thrive during periods of adversity, upheaval, and disruptive change.