For most of my life, I had worked in marketing and sales for large multi-national companies and was recognized as a top performer. Although things looked good from the outside, my life felt like this long, arduous uphill climb toward something that I could never seem to find.  It wasn’t until my second divorce, and hours of coach and leadership training that I realized that my business and personal relationships had this consistent conversational pattern.

 I “stepped over” conflict, keeping the peace at all costs. Behaviors that I thought were “noble” were toxic.  Through coaching I discovered  sustainable success in having those courageous conversations that I had been hiding from. Understanding how to design a safe approach had me diving into a new way to connect with others resulting in less work, more focus and stronger partnerships. My sales skyrocketed, my relationships got stronger and I finally ended that uphill climb.  With the newfound energy, I dove head-first into training and consider myself a life-long learner sharing my work with businesses worldwide.

I am certified in CoActive Coaching, ADHD Coaching, Narrative Coaching and Team Coaching. I also do extensive work with sales professionals in helping them design how they connect to customers in today’s virtual environment.

I have a special place in my heart for team coaching which has become very popular as leaders are struggling to create employee engagement in a virtual work environment. Leadership teams have conversational patterns that drive how they make decisions, deal with conflict and create an environment of accountability.  I use assessments that uncover the negative patterns and help redesign those patterns with a combination of coaching and training. By addressing the productivity and team dynamics in an engagement, my clients see and feel an average increase of 15% in overall performance.

My team coaching program is based on proven research that helps shift the team’s mindset from a “me” place to a “we” place. This training helps leaders set up the psychological safety that promotes creativity, accountability and innovation. Leaders enter back into their world feeling empowered, refreshed and engaged.