I’ve been a strong-willed, no-nonsense kind of leader within the insurance market the majority of my career. I spent several years at CareFirst, BlueCross BlueShield and Kaiser Permanente before being chosen to run Maryland’s Health Benefit Exchange during the O’Malley administration in 2011. After that, I went on to work at University of Maryland Medical System Health Plans (UMMSHP) as a vice president. I understand insurance, I love defining and implementing strategy, and I excel at working with other leaders.

Then why the change, you ask? Two reasons.

First, the Exchange failed – quite publicly. Second, in 2015, I was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor.

Two major life events over the span of 2.5 years taught me humility, the value of vulnerability, the importance of optimism, how much impact you have on others when you don’t even know it, and how important it is to see beyond work stresses because they can so easily creep from work into home life.

More importantly, I realized I don’t want to be in charge anymore. But I really want to help others be in charge! I offer a wealth of expertise in maneuvering through politically-charged situations, first-hand knowledge of the stress of being in charge and a clear understanding of where emotion and passion fit into the workplace.

I bring all of this experience and expertise to the table for you through Extend – whether consulting on your strategic plan or operational implementation, or working as a coach to increase leadership credibility, increase self-confidence and drive overall commitment.